Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Life's Journey

At almost 55 years old, I'm learning that we are never to old to start anything new! Sometimes life's circumstances make us think and appreciate life a whole lot more!

One thing for sure, I have became more brave and outspoken! I don't always put myself first, but when I do, I have no guilt! Do I have regrets of not feeling this way in my 20's, 30's a even 40's? I do not! I say this because I never would have had the insight I have today!

Everything happens for a reason- I truly believe that because with every situation- the outcome never would have been the outcome without some kind of negativity, drama, hurt, loss etc.. I feel the outcome was always positive, the way God intended.

I will pause in my writing for now and continue later on. I don't want to spend to much time writing about myself- but I will for just a little while so I can explain my feelings of giving back! I sincerely thank you for reading this.

Sandra 12/29/20 @10:51a.m.

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