Saturday, June 3, 2023

What a season...

 I hope 2023 has been good to you. for my household it has been challenging. What keeps me sane is knowing God is ALWAYS here even when I don't hear Him. 
Being a weight loss coach and getting into my ministry has kept my mind extremely busy. I lost my 3 year old puppy May 24 and I am very sad. 
Sometimes pushing myself isn't easy- but then I have to remember my goals and dreams of helping others and it gives me the boost I need. I don't use fancy words or speak of a perfect life is perfect even if we think it is.
I am being myself. I gave myself the nick name Preacher Woman because that's my main goal- to help others get close to our beautiful Jesus and live that peaceful life on this earth and through eternity. 
Our Yahoo web host has sold to other companies so many times that now the web pages don't work correctly, they are working on it. Thank you for reading this and I look forward to spending more time here. 

06/02/2023 6:44p.m.

Monday, March 7, 2022

Catching up...

It's been a little over a year since I have been here. Classes and weight loss-along with life tends to make me a little lazy. I regret wasting time and vow to set time aside and get busy online once again. I will keep you all updated in the next week...thank you all so much!


Saturday, January 16, 2021

Never to late...

At almost age 55- I realized that I am not perfect. I want to teach- I continue to educate but in ministry - not the sales..not in their businesses.

In order for me to take it to the next level-I needed to be educated on ‘how’ and realized I needed to learn more than just the how but the ‘why.’

I encourage you to never think it's to late to take classes. Online classes work for me and my schedule. I'm glad I wasn't afraid to start! Did I have doubts about my ability to keep up with classes? I sure did. I don't anymore! I will keep you up to date as I finish them and I will share my knowledge.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!


01/15/2021 @2:33 p.m.

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Life's Journey

At almost 55 years old, I'm learning that we are never to old to start anything new! Sometimes life's circumstances make us think and appreciate life a whole lot more!

One thing for sure, I have became more brave and outspoken! I don't always put myself first, but when I do, I have no guilt! Do I have regrets of not feeling this way in my 20's, 30's a even 40's? I do not! I say this because I never would have had the insight I have today!

Everything happens for a reason- I truly believe that because with every situation- the outcome never would have been the outcome without some kind of negativity, drama, hurt, loss etc.. I feel the outcome was always positive, the way God intended.

I will pause in my writing for now and continue later on. I don't want to spend to much time writing about myself- but I will for just a little while so I can explain my feelings of giving back! I sincerely thank you for reading this.

Sandra 12/29/20 @10:51a.m.

What a season...

  I hope 2023 has been good to you. for my household it has been challenging. What keeps me sane is knowing God is ALWAYS here even when I d...